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Russia, Greenpeace and the Tragedy of Indifference

I was going to write this on Thursday morning just gone but, as always, other things invariably got in the way and before you could say Gazprom, it was Friday afternoon and I was out in the car with my two dogs. I was driving to a local area where I could let the dogs […]

Pantheism and Hollywood

Pantheism and Hollywood. I would like to draw your attention to an article that was published in the New York Times back in 2009, entitled ‘Heaven and Nature’ by Ross Douthat. I have an academic interest in cinematic aesthetics so I found the article to be quite interesting and a good springboard to generate further […]

Once I was a Roman Catholic

I was brought up as a Roman Catholic by a devout Roman Catholic mother. I went to a Roman Catholic school, St. Mary’s Academy, which I have to admit, I loved. But by the age of 15, I had began to have the most profound doubts about Catholicism. At around the same time my mother […]

Oh to be Pantheist!

Being a Pantheist is a most wonderful state of being. For my part, I subscribe to the Naturalistic or Scientific arm of Pantheism. I was 34 years old when Pantheism found me. I am now rapidly approaching my 48th birthday. How I came to be Pantheist can be quite tricky to explain. At the time, […]

The Forever All by Guyus Seralius

When I discovered this video by Guyus Seralius around a year ago I was immediately taken by its simplicity. I found it to be a rather emotional experience to watch in that the sentiment it expressed defined my being completely. Not only was the message clear and to the point, but the use of the […]

The Peaceful Pantheist YouTube Channel

The Peaceful Pantheist channel is a non-profit aesthetically driven educational and science project hosted on YouTube. It is also my conduit for self-expression and emotional release. The channel’s core raison d’être is simply to celebrate the wonder and majesty of Life, the Earth and the Cosmos: To inspire through design, imagery and music in a […]