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The Forever All: A Philosophical and Spiritual Guide

The Forever All: A Philosophical and Spiritual Guide

”In my viewthe-forever-all-cover-art-01-300dpi, the entire universe is the Supreme Being, an infinite, purposeful system of positive and negative forces which has always existed and always will, and each of us is that eternal being of light and darkness. In this ebook, I discuss the importance of balance and how I believe it is the heart of the All and the secret of life. I discuss the needed balance between the atheists and the theists, between the capitalists and the socialist, between the Democrats and the Republicans, and between the government and the governed. I also discuss how neither science nor religion, independent of the other, can adequately explain the world and how ultimate truth will only arise when the scientific thinkers join hands with the spiritual thinkers. I created this book as a philosophical and spiritual guide for all those seeking truth.  Inside, you will find several excerpts from my personal writings on metaphysics, science, technology, politics, and religion, along with samples of my artwork. (22 illustrations included).” Guys Seralius.

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