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Once I was a Roman Catholic

I was brought up as a Roman Catholic by a devout Roman Catholic mother. I went to a Roman Catholic school, St. Mary’s Academy, which I have to admit, I loved. But by the age of 15, I had began to have the most profound doubts about Catholicism. At around the same time my mother shared her pain with me. When she was a child she wanted to be a nun. But living in Glasgow’s impoverished Gorbals area during the 1960s meant that she would embark on another course. She told me how the church that she had loved had thrown her in the gutter after my father ran away and left her. But it wasn’t him who was vilified… it was her! She was nothing more than ‘a sinner in the eyes of god’. It left her devastated! That was 32 years ago and for the last 14 years I have been a proud Naturalistic / Scientific Pantheist. And my mother, freed from the shackles of Catholicism has developed an inner system of beliefs worthy of Pantheism, although she won’t quite admit it.

It probably comes as no great surprise then that I have grown to despise the Catholic Church for what it has inflicted upon humanity. That being said, I have an enormous respect for the millions of practicing Catholics around the world for whom their faith brings comfort. My beef isn’t with them… it’s with the institution itself!

Now in my middle years, I am even more incensed with the Catholic Church with their regard to Pantheism. As the New Advent’s Catholic Encyclopedia states, The Church has repeatedly condemned the errors of Pantheism,’ where ‘error’ is defined as, ‘in one way or another the product of ignorance.’ Little wonder then, I long for the fall of all man’s religious inventions.

Should you wish to see the view of the Catholic Church with respect to Pantheism, then look here.

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