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The Peaceful Pantheist

The Official PP Logo

The Peaceful Pantheist is a non-profit aesthetically driven educational and science project hosted on YouTube. It is nothing more that a project of passion run by a sole individual. It is my conduit for self-expression and emotional release. The channel’s core raison d’être is simply to celebrate the wonder and majesty of Life, the Earth and the Cosmos: To inspire through design, imagery and music in a series of visual voyages which bring together visually stunning high-definition montages of documentary footage and visually stunning animated sequences. Although there are many YouTuber’s who produce similar ‘mashed-upped’ up content that reveal and share the beauty of our incredible planet and the wonders of space,  through this channel, I hope to offer something just that little bit different.

To further the awareness of Pantheism and to aid accessibility, the channel is also supported by several online resources, one of which being this blog. Here you will find several categories of post. The first being Shared With You, which contains a varied range of posts to which any and all discussion is most welcome. The second category, Voyages, contains all videos produced, as and when, by the Peaceful Pantheist channel, and subdivided into Cosmos, Earth and Life. The Repository contains a range of documentary resources that the enquiring mind might find to be of some use. Elsewhere contains a catalogue of current online resources.

In addition to YouTube, you can also find the Peaceful Pantheist on Facebook and Twitter…just click on the buttons below.

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As a Naturalistic / Scientific Pantheist I can only say that to bear witness to this universe is both humbling and wondrous, and to be alive within it is simply euphoric.


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